Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coming out of the closet

What do you get when you overload your closet?

Apparently this....

This is what the previous owner left behind.  We never caught it before with all her clothes in there.  How it held up is beyond me.  So we had to re-do our closet.  On the plus side?  My husband allowed me to design it.

Immediately, this is what I began to envision...

Seeing that he made a mistake of telling me I had full control of designing our closet, he quickly yanked me back to reality and reminded me 4 things.

1) Our closet is not BIG. (And for sure is not a walk-in closet)
2) We only have a tiny budget to spend. (We still had other fixtures and remodeling to do throughout the house)
3) It's not a closet for my shoes and clothes only.  I had to consider his stuff as well.
4) He's not a carpenter.

Blah!!  What a dream killer.  What's wrong with his clothes being stored in the hallway cabinets?  hehe Just kidding.  

So I had to come up with a practical design that wouldn't require him to break down a wall to accommodate for my walk-in closet or depleting our bank account.

So here is my practical design. Please don't judge.  Bear in mind that we just moved in and I had no idea where anything was.  So I grabbed the closest thing to me.

Yes.  That is a paper towel.  A bounty paper towel might I add. :)

Once we planned everything out, it was off to our once favorite store, Home Depot.  I used to love it until we had to go back there 4 times in one day.  I like it even less after the mass amount of money we spent there.  

So let the construction begin...

Please don't judge.  I was already painting and refused to wait until the closet was torn down before having to paint again.  I'll repaint later.  Arghh
Look at my husband hard at work. Did I mention that I was horribly sick while we were building our closet?  But I still had to work.  When not needed, you could find me laying on the ground dying.

 Notice that tight space up top?  I did it on purpose to store our snowboards. (I sure know my priorities. heehee)

Voila.  Here is the finish product.  Isn't it lovely?  Now to add clothes.  Or buy new ones. ;)


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